Consumer, Food & Spirits

Fresh, fun, fast, fruitful

The Consumer, Food & Retail (CFR) Group at True North guides companies on their M&A, restructuring and financial advisory matters, and assists in raising private equity capital.

We continue to build our reputation in the Grab N’Go food space with the recent launch of The Montana Pasty Company.  We will strive to build the best reputation as a trusted advisor to companies in the CFR industry, combining extensive market resources coupled with our in-depth industry knowledge to help maximize Enterprise Value for our clients.

Product & Market Focus

  • Grab N’Go Food Products
  • Grab N’Go Beverage Products
  • Grab N’Go Nutritional Products
  • Health, beauty aids and personal care
  • Food Service Industry: sports & entertainment venues, colleges & universities, U.S Government Contracts)

The continual change in consumer behavior alters how we must think about proper sales and distribution channels for our clients.  One thing we will bet on at True North is the frequency and quickness these markets and behavioral patterns will continue to change based on Generational patterns. We don’t view these as  problems but opportunities for our clients to capitalize and increase shareholder value.

As consumers purchasing patterns change, companies must be fluid in how they elect to sell, market and distribute their products.  The tide moves in and out; no different is Consumer behavior and how Consumer’s elect to spend their money on products developed by socially conscious companies.