USDA Approves Montana Pasty Company Products

Whitefish, Montana – August 17, 2014:  On Friday, August 15th, The USDA approved the release of the Montana Pasty Products.  “It’s finally official and we are so excited to launch our brand into production and distribute to all entertainment venues “ said Tom Donahue, CEO.

“We will first penetrate concessionaire’s, colleges and universities located in the west coast” says Donahue.  Concession Companies & Universities within the Pac 12 Division will be the first ones offered to sell Montana Pasty Products.  “We recognized a need for companies especially those in the concession industry to provide their customer’s product diversification.  I think this is the main reason why schools such as USC and it’s sports venues are craving our products.  Our packaging is designed to accommodate the customer and vendor.  It’s easy to handle and no mess.  Perfect for sitting and watching a game or on the go at a golf course. “Tom Donahue”

Donahue did say he would like to identify a brand partner whereby they can place their logo on the Pasty Box.  He suggested companies such as Nike, Addidas, ESPN, Apple Computer, Orvis, Cabella’s, etc.  “Anything affiliated with sports and entertainment could be a great brand partner”, says Donahue.

To find out how you can place an order for your company please contact Donahue directly.  Donahue says they’re in discussions with multiple Distributor’s and plan on using multiple companies to reach its client base nationwide.

Tom Donahue, CEO  406-871-3320