Leadership Investment series is presented four business opportunities

Leadership Investment series is presented four (4) business opportunities run by fellow USC Alumni for investment consideration. Each Company is in a growth mode and is allowing Alumni to invest and participate at a very valuable time. A great alternative to the Stock Market plus you’re helping fellow Alumni. Win-Win

Company #1 Montana Pasty Company

MPC focus is proprietary food brands whose emphasis is on portable and quality food products.  Our food products are commonly known as “Pasty’s”.  The Pasty is a closed face sandwich similar to a Calzone but filled with a variety of fillings to satisfy the young and young at heart.  The Pasty originated in Cornwall England as a portable food combining protein, starch, vegetables and dessert all into one enclosed “pie”.  This was the food of choice for men mining in Europe and subsequently the U.S.  The Pasty can now be found in many countries and territories including Australia, British Virgin Islands, Argentina, etc.

Our development team’s initiative is to create high quality portable food products that can be sold in multiple Entertainment, Educational (colleges, universities, and trade schools) and corporate venues.  We will start selling our product at USC in many of the retail outlets established on campus.  USC and MPC have created a valuable partnership wherein the University is able to offer a hearty grab n’go sandwich to students and faculty and MPC receives an incredible University Platform to launch its product.

MPC plan is to be in all PAC 12 Universities and sports venues/stadiums within 36 months.

Company #2 Fantasy Call Out

When looking at the Fantasy Sports industry an apparent void began to appear due to the emergence of new “daily games”. These games brought in about $490M in 2012 alone, and appear to have doubled in 2013. The problem that we began to notice was that none of this newly generated revenue was going towards the major fantasy sports providers (ESPN, CBS, Yahoo etc.). This is the problem we set out to solve.

Starting this project we wanted to find out what the two biggest pains were in both the daily and traditional space. After researching and conducting different experiments, we found out that daily games were having a hard time capitalizing on the casual user and traditional leagues began losing most of their consumers’ interests mid way through the season.

Keeping these two problems in mind we began to build out a product to satisfy these deficiencies in the market. We have developed a unique, patent pending process that allows users to upload their teams from the major Fantasy Sports providers onto our platform. Once on our platform, we place these users in projection categories based on how our computers think that their respective team will perform. Once placed in a projection category, the user can then go out and bet against anyone in the world. Our business model is simple; we take the industry standard 10% platform fee off of every bet. This will allow these major media conglomerates to profit off of the exploding daily fantasy sports industry, without the perceived risk of being associated with gambling/gaming through a licensing deal in which we will pay 30% of our overall revenues. Our platform is much more attractive to the casual user, and can help major Fantasy Sports providers keep engagement levels up, within their own leagues, through to the end of their season. This will lead to higher and more consistent traffic on their websites, resulting in larger advertising revenues.

These are only a few of the numerous benefits that our website has to offer, all of which will drive and boost overall revenues. We look forward to the opportunity to share the details of our vision, and explain all of the potential benefits that our platform has to offer.

Company # 2      ElanVeda 

I’m glad to hear that the fund is progressing. ELANVEDA continues to gain traction and we have our hands full with opportunities ahead of us.

One of our products, Muscle & Joint,  has become very popular with athletes, Head Athletic Trainers, and physiotherapists around the world. Tom LaFountain, PGA physiotherapist, has just joined our team and is officially endorsing the product.  Tom works on some of the top players on the PGA tour, including Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk, Matt Kucher, etc.

Separately, we have just been approved to sell through Whole Foods Market, which solidifies our strategy to compete in both the high-end markets and supermarkets (we are in Albertsons/Savon as well).

Company #3       RE Drinks

Rushmore Superfoods, LLC (“Rushmore”) was formed to bring innovative natural superfruit rich beverages to the retail market.  It is creating a new brand category -Vitality Drinks – within the fast growing $38+ billion U.S. functional beverage market. 


The company is moving to rapidly capitalize on the unfilled market demand for healthier, more natural products that provide functional benefits and natural vitality for consumers.  Widespread consumer desire for nutritionally healthier products is being driven by consumer attitudes and shifts in health and nutrition perspectives.  Consumers, men and women 24-55+years in age are increasingly seeking these antioxidant-rich products for the health and nutrition benefits not found in most other beverages or supplement products.  Until now, few products deliver both an appealing taste plus the nutritional benefits and antioxidant values that are available from the Rushmore products.

Over the past year Rushmore commercialized the brand, validated strategies, product positioning, sales and consumer acceptances using just one product (one shot and one drink item).  During the second half of 2014, the product line was refined and expanded to four functional products in two sizes, the market plan refocused and the management team restructured.  The company is now implementing the 2015 expansion.

The company has developed growth projections for market rollout.  The 2015 Plan establishes a solid and sustainable foundation for multiple channel expansion that accelerates in years 2016-17 with a broader market introduction.


There’s nothing better then opening investment opportunities for USC Alumni into USC led companies. If you would like more information on how you can invest and become involved I welcome an opportunity to meet you personally.

We have assembled an incredible group of Advisory Board Members who have all graduated with varying Degree’s from the University.  We’re very proud they are on board and we look forward to continuing our efforts to assist and help fellow Alumni anyway we can since we consider ourselves a huge family.

We started this investment platform when a group of us (Fraternity and Fellow Athletes) thought it would be a great investment alternative for Alumni to not only invest into incredible USC led companies but to lead-mentor-guide our  Alumni and their respective businesses.  We cannot promote ourselves as  a part of the University nor can we use the name or logo.  These would infringe on University Trademarks Violations.   Therefore we are not endorsed or affiliated with USC.  “WE ARE”  Leadership Investment Series.  After all that’s what we’re doing.