Alumni Alliance

Alumni Alliance was created based on the Crowd Street Funding model but with a unique twist. Our funding platforms offer “exclusivity” to certain groups, organizations, and industries. Instead of marketing to the masses, Alumni Alliance focuses on providing it’s investor clients exclusive previews to invest into companies which has a direct affiliation.

The first platform True North launched is targeted to graduates and their families from The University of Southern California (“USC”). Alumni and their families are offered an opportunity to invest directly with companies founded and/or run by graduates from the University. We feel it’s important to allow Alumni to support those who attended the same university. Typical crowd street platforms reach to the masses.

True North’s Private Equity Platform takes a direct exclusive approach. Not only will our Alumni receive exclusive investment opportunities, they’re also supporting fellow Alumni, and The University. We will be opening other college and university investment platforms, as well industry specific dedicated investment platforms.

STRATEGY: Simple, supportive, profitable and philanthropic.

SIMPLE: Alumni Alliance offers a financial platform enabling University Alumni to invest into businesses started by fellow Alumni. Investors can make sound investments for their financial portfolio and be involved as much or as little as they like.

SUPPORTIVE: Alumni Alliance will invest with Alumni who attended the same University. Those whom invest and participate in the Leadership Investment Series are some of the brightest minds in their respective fields of business and would love to share their knowledge and experience(s). Everyone could use good sound advice and leadership from others who have achieved personal & business success. Their stories are often amazing.

PROFITABLE: Alumni Alliance’s focus is to provide quarterly cash flow returns to our investors until such time an asset can maximize its return through a sale or IPO in 3 to 5 years. “LIS” plans to beat standard market indices returns and provide an investment alternative to “Fixed Income” Securities.

PHILANTHROPIC: What makes the Alumni Alliance unique is its commitment of giving back. We are committed to giving 10% of all net profits to a designated charity, endowment or scholarship that enhances education and business advancement.

CRITERIA: Investments will be made into companies from the following industries:

1. Real Estate, Lodging & Leisure

2. Media & Entertainment

3. Consumer Goods, Food & Spirits