Corporate History

True North Companies was formed in 2013 to help and assist CEO’s seeking assistance with:

  1. Sourcing seed or growth capital
  2. Identifying domestic & international distribution channels
  3. Brokering the merger, acquisition, or sale of our client(s) companies

What separates True North from its competition is the level of leadership and mentorship we make available to our clients.  Our approach is vastly different. We work with colleges and universities alumni allowing  them to participate in their fellow alumni companies.

Whether its providing capital or mentorship for our clients; we understand the power of experience & wisdom men and women earn over their years of work. True North has created the avenue for Alumni to empower, mentor and invest with alumni whom attended the same college or university.

Our history and our partners have 20+ years of experience in real estate, consumer goods, food & spirits, media & entertainment, technology, and healthcare.  Our vast relationships in these industries are invaluable for our clients.  

We feel the most powerful service we can provide is to introduce our clients to fellow alumni whom are happy to assist in whatever way they can.